ARD 50

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ARD 50


The fitting is used for measuring in tanks, basins and channels. For maximum flexibility, it offers numerous functions that can be freely combined. High-quality PP-H or PVDF makes it very sturdy. The special design facilitates sensor replacement.



  • High variability — adaptable to virtually every process
  • Safe functioning, easy maintenance thanks to a special and unique design
  • Easy removal/installation of the sensor adapter with just ½ turn of a coupling nut (manual).
  • Removal of the sensor adapter through the top or from the bottom of the immersion pipe.
  • No cable twisting during sensor installation
  • Rinse function for cleaning the sensor without opening or dismantling the fitting (PG 13,5, internal supply of rinse medium incl. check valve)
  • Immersion depths: 25 – 250 cm

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