Ceramat 150

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Ceramat 150



  • Extreme applications
  • Ceramic process seal:
    • Extremely high hardness (rating of 9 on Mohs scale) prevents wear on the sealing surfaces in abrasive media
    • Virtually wear-resistant
    • Tight seal due to lapped and polished sealing surfaces
    • High mechanical strength
    • High temperature resistance
    • High chemical resistance
    • Sterilizable
  • Plug & play for all process media using central multi-plug
  • Smooth, buildup resistant design
  • All maintenance can be performed on site
  • Easily replaceable drive without interrupting the process
  • Cyclone cleaning
  • Two independent barriers with cavity cleaning
  • Sensor guard in conjunction with Uniclean® 900/Unical® 9000
  • Superior sensor immersion depth
  • Standard sensor length (225 mm)
  • Special version for electrodes with pressurized liquid electrolyte (for 250 mm electrodes with electrolyte reservoir)
  • Process-wetted outer body, PVDF or PEEK, carbon-fiber reinforced

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