CHEMtrac 840M

Completing the Loop

CHEMtrac 840M


The CHEMtrac 840M is a manually operated retractable holder. A bayonet socket is used to allow for simple and safe removal of a sensor for cleaning or service while the process is running.


A ball-valve for isolation and integral cleaning connection are also available.


For use with pH, ORP, Conductivity, and Oxygen sensors with 120mm length, 12mm diameter, and PG 13.5 threads.

The sensor insertion depth can be adjusted using the movable bayonet socket on the insertion tube.




• Safer than traditional retractable holders that use a ball

valve and compression fitting

• Insertion depth up to 27.6" (700mm)

• Bayonet fitting allows for safer insertion and retraction of

the sensor

• Works with any 120mm length, 12mm diameter,
   PG 13.5 sensor

• Available with or without isolation valve

• Available with integral cleaning connection


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