CSS 225

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CSS 225


The CSS 225 static holder enables quick and easy installation of pH/ORP, conductivity, or dissolved oxygen sensors in process applications. The CSS 225 can be used in new  applications as well as for direct retrofit of existing sensors. When used in combination with our sensors and cables, the CSS 225 will reduce both maintenance and replacement costs associated with potted sensor technology.



  • Part of a 3 Component System

      — CSS 225 holder

      — Sensor

      — Cable

  • Sensor can be replaced without having to dispose of the holder and cable
  • Connection at the sensor head eliminates the need to remove wires from a junction box or transmitter for maintenance
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Reduces sensor replacement cost
  • Reduces maintenance cost
  • Capability to initiate a plant-wide standardization on one sensor length for both static and retractable holders

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