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Digital Communications


The analyzers are equipped with certified bus technologies and can be perfectly integrated in new and existing host systems (PROFIBUS: PA profile 3.02 and FOUNDATION Fieldbus ITK 6.1.1).


The proven HART technology allows the transmission of measured values and diagnostics data as well as remote parameter setting.

  • HART

    HART is a digital protocol which is superimposed on the 4...20 mA interface. The transfer rate is therefore limited. In almost all cases, the connection to the host system is peer to peer.


    Essentially, the HART interface is used for configuration and maintenance using asset management tools. As HART field devices are based on the 4...20 mA interface, existing cabling can be used for communication-capable field devices.


    For more information, see hartcomm.org


    The HART devices from M4 Knick:

    Stratos Evo

    Stratos Pro


    PROFIBUS and FOUNDATION fieldbus are all-digital communication systems which allow many devices to be connected to a single wire pair. This significantly reduces the wiring effort. In contrast to HART, they allow real-time data exchange.


    Process and diagnostics data are available more quickly and to a larger extent. With its DP and PA interface types, the PROFIBUS system is broadly used in manufacturing and process automation, FOUNDATION fieldbus is solely used for process automation.


    For more information, see profibus.com and  fieldbus.org


    M4 Knick devices with PROFIBUS technology:


    Stratos Evo

    Stratos Pro


    M4 Knick devices with FOUNDATION fieldbus technology:


    Stratos Pro