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MemoRail Modbus

MemoRail Modbus is a compact, digital analyzer available as 1-channel (A-1405N-P2-110) or 2-channel version (A-1405N-P2-210) for connection and operation of digital Memosens sensors for the process variables pH, ORP, conductivity and oxygen, as well as for use with optical oxygen sensor. Up to 31 devices can be operated in parallel on the Modbus RTU. Bus address, link parameters and data rate are selectable.



  • Low cost
  • Compact, space saving, modular housing, DIN rail mount
  • Operation of Memosens sensors in single   channel or dual channel version
  • Calibration from PLC/HMI
  • Sensor diagnostics can be pulled along with process variables through Modbus

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MemoRail Modbus

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