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Memosens* is a digital connection and communication protocol for analytical sensing technology. When using Memosens, a quality signal is assured through the use of a hermetically sealed, galvanically isolated, inductive connection. Calibration and sensor condition are continuously monitored and stored in the sensor head.



• Galvanically isolated

• Inductive electrical connection assures

disturbance-free data transfer

• Calibration data stored in the sensor head

• Digital communication eliminates external

interference and assures that calibration data is assigned to the correct sensor

• Predictive maintenance

The sensor continuously monitors:

     - Wear

     - Glass impedance

     - Zero point

     - Slope

     - Response time

     - Calibration intervals

•Submersible due to hermetically sealed sensor head

• Memosens is an open-architecture digital protocol

that is supported by several manufacturers as

their standard

For Apple devices only

* Must use Memosens compatible transmitter. Memosens is a registered trademark of Endress+Hauser Conducta Gaesellschaft.