Completing the Loop

Portavo 908 Multi

Portable multiparameter analyzer for digital pH/ORP, conductivity and oxygen sensors with Memosens technology. Direct printer control via USB.



• High-resolution color graphic display

• Transflective and sunlight readable

• Multiparameter

- pH/ORP

- conductive/inductive conductivity

- amperometric/optical oxygen

- temperature

• GLP compliant

• Direct printer control

• User management

• pH calibration with a fixed process cycle

• Digital Memosens sensors

• Concentration measurement with toroidal

conductivity sensors

• Micro USB port and Paraly SW 112 software

• Li-ion battery

• IP 66 / IP 67 protection

• Mineral glass display, perfectly readable even after years

• Integrated pressure measurement for compensating

air pressure fluctuations

• Temperature probe calibration

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