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Reiner Electrode


The Reiner absolute pH electrode’s small, rugged Glasteel™ design measures pH, ORP and pH compensated ORP. The electrode’s high temperature rating, corrosion resistance, and self-cleanining enamel construction make it suitable for use in the most demanding applications. The Reiner can be installed directly into the process without a protective cage.


The Reiner’s pressurized reference system eliminates inaccuracy and drift caused by junction potential diffusion or poisoning. The result is a more stable measurement leading to more effective and accurate process control.




  • Rugged Glasteel™ construction
  • No drift
  • Single point calibration
  • Clean-in-place (CIP), in-line sterilizable
  • Pressurized flowing reference
  • Not affected by organics
  • Resistant to poisoning & fouling
  • Dry storage
  • Minimal maintenance and low cost operation
  • Improved accuracy for tighter pH control

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