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Ring pH/ORP Sensor


The Ring style pH electrode’s rugged Glasteel™ design

accurately measures pH in applications where conventional

probes are unstable, drift, and experience short service life.

The ring style probe’s design allows it to be installed in-line

between two flanges and directly in the product flow. The wear resistant smooth enamel finish uses the product flow to keep the surface of the sensors clean while resisting any potential product build up that may occur.



• Rugged Glasteel™ construction

• No drift

• Single point calibration

• Clean-in-place (CIP), in-line sterilizable

• Space saving design

• Not affected by organics

• Resistant to poisoning and fouling

• Dry storage

• Minimal maintenance and low cost operation

• Improved accuracy for tighter pH control

• Explosion proof - ATEX Certified

(special components required)

• Mounted in any orientation


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