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SE 554 AMSN pH & ORP Sensor


The SE 554 Memosens pH/ORP combination sensor is ideal for use in liquids with suspended solids and high ionic strength. This sensor is constructed using Alpha pH glass, 2 open hole junctions, a solid polymer electrolyte with high KCl concentration, and a platinum ring. These features provide stable performance and long life in the most difficult applications.


The integrated NTC 30K temperature element assures that all pH measurements are accurately compensated.


The robust sensor design & construction, along with the integration of Memosens technology, provide for a significant reduction in overall cost of ownership.



  • Simultaneous measurement of pH & ORP
  • Perfect galvanic isolation due to Memosens technology
  • No influence from moisture in the connector
  • Pre-calibration in the shop or lab
  • Digital data transfer
  • Integrated sensor diagnostics
  • Low maintenance, no refilling of electrolyte
  • Open junctions, no plugging




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* Must use Memosens compatible transmitter. Memosens is a registered trademark of Endress+Hauser Conducta Gaesellschaft.

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