SE 604

Completing the Loop

SE 604 & SE 604 Memosens

Conductivity Sensors


Robust, coaxially arranged electrodes made of stainless steel. Large measuring range from ultrapure water to 1000 μS/cm with only one sensor model (cell constant). Integrated temperature detector for exact temperature compensation. Easy to clean thanks to replaceable outer electrode. Reliable and easy checking of the measurement

using PortaSim simulators.



  • Large measuring range from 1 nS/cm to 1,000 μS/cm
  • Coaxially arranged electrodes
  • Independent of installation conditions
  • Integrated temperature detector
  • High level of process safety due to durable materials and robust design
  • Easy to clean thanks to detachable outer electrode
  • Particularly suitable for monitoring ultrapure water in power plants
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Suitable PortaSim simulators

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