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SE 707 / SE 707 Memosens

Oxygen Sensors


The SE 707 and SE 707 Memosens® oxygen sensors provide a high resolution measurement of low oxygen concentrations. They are simple to use and cost efficient as they can be calibrated in ambient air. The sensors have a high level of stability, even in the presence of high CO2 partial pressures. The sensors are constructed of FDA-conforming materials and have a smooth, polished surface. They are sterilizable, autoclavable, CIP capable, and are suitable for use in hazardous locations.



• Durable materials

• Robust design

• Easy to clean thanks to extremely smooth surface

• Very simple calibration in air without calibration gases

• Hygienic design

• Cost-efficient service due to easy to replace membrane

module and interior body

• Very high resolution of 1 ppb in the trace range

• Low cross-sensitivity to CO2

• Operation in hazardous locations

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