Sensogate WA 130

Completing the Loop

Sensogate WA 130


SensoGate® WA 130 offers genuine plug & play. The central multi-plug is linked via a single connection to all rinsing, cleaning, and calibration media as well as the control air and limit position mechanisms. Media entrainment is minimized and the limit-position mechanism is protected.



  • Compact, buildup resistant design
  • Simple replacement of seals due to divided calibration/cleaning chamber
  • Increased service life and reduced seal wear
  • ATEX approval II 1GD c II for the complete fitting
  • Low cost, simple installation, operation, and maintenance
  • SensoLock for high operational safety
  • Integrated check valves and limit switches
  • Fast and easy replacement of calibration chamber and insertion tube
  • All maintenance can be performed on site
  • Cyclone cleaning effect
  • Standard sensor length (225 mm) even for large immersion depths
  • Modular design allows specific replacement of the process- wetted materials: PEEK, PVDF, PP, 316 SS, Hastelloy
  • Plastic versions with high pressure and temperature resistance due to carbonfiber-reinforced plastics
  • Special version for sensors with pressurized liquid electrolyte



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