Sensogate WA 131 MH

Completing the Loop

Sensogate WA 131 MH


The SensoGate® WA 131 MH has a manual rotary drive, which enables the fitting to be operated up to a counter pressure of 145 psi (10 bar) – and this in less than two

rotations. Regardless of how unfavorable the angle or the operating height at which the fitting is installed. Little rotary force is required and is easily applied manually. This is not possible with the sliding motion of conventional retractable fittings.



  • EHEDG-certified for all process-wetted parts incl. rinsing/calibration chamber
  • Directed flow rinses the process seal from the process side as well as from the inside of the fitting
  • Cyclone cleaning effect
  • Double gaskets with leakage bores prevent microbial contamination of the drive
  • Broad applications in sanitary conditions
  • Process-wetted parts: 316 stainless steel, electropolished
  • SIP and CIP compatible in process
  • SIP and CIP of calibration chamber and cleaning connections
  • Fast and easy replacement of calibration chamber and insertion tube
  • All maintenance can be performed on site
  • Superior sensor immersion depth
  • Standard sensor length (225 mm) even for large immersion depths
  • Multiple process connections available
  • Modular design
  • Special version for sensors with pressurized liquid electrolyte
  • Low cost, simple installation, operation, and maintenance
  • Protective cleaning of seals for long service life
  • SensoLock for high operational safety
  • Integrated limit switches

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