Completing the Loop

Type 18 Electrode


The Type 18 differential pH electrode changes the nature of pH measurement by eliminating the need for internal electrolyte solutions and reference junction. This design virtually does away with the problems caused by aging and pollution of the reference sensor. It uses a rugged enamel Glasteel™ probe and integral temperature sensor to measure pH or high-resolution pH compensated ORP. The probes construction allows them to be directly installed into the process (product flow) thus sensing the pH immediately and directly, without a protective cage.



  • Robust Glasteel™ construction
  • No internal or external electrolyte
  • No drift
  • Dry storage
  • Clean-in-place
  • Minimal maintenance and low cost operation
  • In-line “one-point” process calibration
  • Not affected by steam sterilization
  • Resistant to poisoning and fouling
  • Improved accuracy for tighter pH control
  • Mounted in any orientation

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