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Type 40 Differential pH/ORP Sensor


The Type 40 differential pH sensor does not require any internal electrolyte and virtually eliminates the issues that most sensors experience from aging or pollution. Its rugged enamel Glasteel exterior and integral temperature sensor (Pt 100) enable the Type 40 to accurately measure pH or ORP , directly in the most challenging process conditions.



• Robust Glasteel™ construction

• No internal or external electrolyte

• No drift

• Dry storage

• Clean-in-place

• For insertion lengths up to 10 feet

• Minimal maintenance and low cost operation

• In-line “one-point” process calibration

• Not affected by steam sterilization

• Resistant to poisoning and fouling

• Improved accuracy for tighter pH control

• Mounted in any orientation, including large

pipelines and reactors

• Approved for explosive environments

         - ATEX Certified (special components required)


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