Uniclean 900


In combination with the Protos® process analysis system and the SensoGate® or Ceramat® retractable holders, Uniclean® offers the ideal functionality of a complete system for automatic process control of a pH measurement.


  • Consistent enclosure concept for all devices
  • Modular design, adaptable to virtually every measuring task
  • Easy assembly and retrofitting
  • Sanitary version (polished stainless steel) or corrosion-proof (powder-coated steel)
  • No mixed fluids due to separate routing of the media
  • Low maintenance due to innovative pump technology and extremely low consumption of media
  • Time-controlled cleaning
  • Cleaning with water and additional cleaning solution
  • No interruptions in production for cleaning
  • Operation in hazardous locations (all system components)
  • Longer sensor life due to user programmable measurement intervals and regular cleaning
  • Immediate readiness for measurement after production interruption since sensor is safely stored in liquid
  • Safety ensured by monitoring of the compressed air and water supply, as well as the probe position and cleaning solution levels




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