Simplifying Process Analytics

Since 2013, we’ve helped manufacturers, OEMs, and municipalities solve difficult liquid analytical measurements. In a world where every dollar and hour spent matters, M4 Knick provides you with reliable measurements and dependable service so that you can focus on the issues that deserve your time.

Technology to Move You Forward

We understand the frustrations of traditional pH, ORP, conductivity, and oxygen methods. Many end-users waste time and money on outdated technology, while sticking it out with their current equipment. We believe you deserve better, which is why M4 Knick makes liquid analysis convenient and reliable.

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Convenience from M4 Knick

Knick’s Memosens smart sensors deliver crucial sensor health data, eliminate interference, and last longer. Customers experience calibration times reduced by up to 80%, and significantly longer sensor life.

People and Quality You Can Trust

The M4 Knick team located in Cincinnati, OH is dedicated to understanding your application needs. Our partner, Knick Elektronische Messgeräte, based in Berlin, Germany, focuses its efforts on the development and production of innovative high-end process analytics products. Together, we work with you to select the best measurement equipment and implement a simple yet sophisticated solution. We stand by you to ensure our solution works as promised.

Leading Process Analytics Forward​

Committed to evolving with your needs, M4 Knick envisions a future where your processes are pain-free and uptime is maximized. This commitment involves further development in sensor maintenance systems, sample conditioning, and even more measurement data.

Ready to Experience the Difference?

Request a demonstration today. Witness M4 Knick in action and join the many customers who choose us for a hassle-free process. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to maximizing uptime with M4 Knick.

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