Memosens Smart Digital Technology

Memosens® is a digital connection and communication protocol for analytical sensing technology. The hermetically sealed, galvanically isolated, inductive connection ensures a quality signal. Calibration and sensor conditions are monitored and stored in the sensor head.


Inductive Connection

The inductive connection supplies power to the sensor plug-in head and also enables bi-directional signal transmission between the sensor plug-in head and cable coupling.



The hermetically sealed sensor plug-in head is over pressure safe and submersible. This means that the sensor does not experience any leakage or measured value distortion resulting from moisture, corrosion or salt bridges.



The integrated electronics documents the complete life cycle of the sensor. Diagnostics include total operating hours, operating hours under extreme process conditions, calibration history, and more. This makes predictive maintenance possible.



The patented bayonet lock ensures a safe connection between the plug-in head and the cable. If a connection is missing, the transmitter detects and displays this information.

We provide digital sensors that deliver sensor health data, eliminate interference, and last longer. Knick Memosens sensors make liquid analysis easier, safer, and more reliable.

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Disturbance-free data transfer with inductive electrical connection​

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Increased accuracy with offline calibration process​

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Eliminates external interference via digital communication​

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Corrosion-free hermetially sealed sensor head

For a quick analysis of the condition of your connected sensor, you can use the Sensor Diagram when troubleshooting pH, ORP, and oxygen sensors. The Sensor Diagram provides several diagnostic values such as:

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Zero Point

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Response Time

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Cal Timer

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Sensor Wear

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Glass Impedance


SE 555 Memosens pH Sensor

SE 555
All-Purpose pH Sensor

Portavo 907 Multi Portable Meter

Portavo 907 Multi
Multi-parameter Memosens Portable Meter with Data Storage and USB

Protos II 4400

Protos II 4400
Modular 4-wire, Multi-parameter Transmitter

Stratos Multi Transmitte

Stratos Multi
Multi-Parameter Transmitter for pH, ORP, Conductivity & Oxygen