Inductive Technology: Changing the World of Liquid Analytics

Common issues with analog technology are signal leakage, noise from electrical interference, and ground loops.

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Fermentation, or 'bio-fermentation' in the pharmaceutical industry, refers to the process of harvesting pharmaceutical, therapeutic material from biologic material.
When recyclable water is drained or ran off from a process, conductivity measurements can act as a quality assessment before it moves on for treatment.
There are a variety of factors that can hinder the accuracy of conductivity measurements in industrial applications — and not all of them stem from the process environment itself.
pH and conductivity measurements support water electrolysis efficiency at various stages of the process.
Cooling towers require an acid addition like sulfuric for pH adjustment to dissolve the calcium carbonate buildup from high salts in the system.
Researchers and farmers use conductivity and pH measurements to monitor concentrations of essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.
Steam-Methane Reforming in Hydrogen
pH and conductivity measurements are crucial monitors of general water and steam quality throughout the Steam-Methane reforming process.
Liquor Monitoring in Paper Mill
Conductivity measurements are used throughout the Kraft process to monitor the variability of the liquors and process media.
Conductivity Sensors
Many industries and municipal processes utilize conductivity measurements to monitor the quality of process fluids and equipment. Conductivity values represent the ability of a solution, typically water and other materials, to conduct electric current.